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I guess only a few of the people reading this haven´t made the unfortunate experience already that something they would want to buy wasn´t in stock, or at least was not in the quantity in stock they would like to have bought. As frustrating as this is on itself already, it gets even more frustrating if you need a larger quantity of that product – as it often might be the case for example with bitz such as shoulder pads or helmets – and might be forced to order the amount you need in portion.

Well, since we are a small company that has just started business, I can´t promise you of course that you won´t ever find some of our bitz out of stock. We will do our very best to prevent that from happening, but please understand that it might happen nevertheless from time to time though. If it should ever happen to you, please check back again a few days later and most likely our stock will have been filled up again by that time.

What we can prevent though is, that you will ever be forced to proceed as described above and will have buy a larger number of products in portions. To prevent that from happening, we have created our “Request large Number of Bitz” – Service.

Here is how it works:
If you would like to buy 25 or more pieces of one specific product but there aren´t that many products in stock, feel free to send us an email to: info@conversionworld.de with "Request Large Number of Bitz" as subject line and tell us what you would like to buy and in what quantity. We will check your request then as soon as possible and will tell you if and how fast we can produce the products you asked for.

Please note that this service is only available if you need 25 or more pieces of one specific product. (It's not available for example for orders with 25 products that are not all the same. Because that would de facto be an on-demand service and as much as we would like to provide such a service, with the current size of our company and the quality standard we did impose upon ourselves, providing such a service simply is not possible.)

You can combine several large number requests of course and you can also combine a large number request with a regular order of course. (Most likely it will even be advantageous to do so, to save up on shipping costs.) If you want to combine a large number request and an order that way, just send us the request as explained above and after we accepted your request, place your order. When doing so make sure you add a note to the “Add a personal message” box during checkout, saying that we accepted a large number of bitz request from you and that you wish for both, request and order to be shipped together, once we produced the products you requested.

We look forward to your request and promise to accept as many of them as possible.

Best regards,
your Conversion World Team

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Dear customers,

after going live in May 2018, the Conversion World webshop did – as previously announced – cease business on June 6th, 2023. Thank you very much to anybody who ever bought from us while the shop was open, who shared our bits with fellow hobbyists and/or on social media, who showed interest in our bits or interacted with us in any way shape or form.

The Conversion World website will remain live as kind of a storefront where you can browse through or latest products. (All functions to place an order will obviously be disabled/removed however.)

In the not-so-distant future we will also provide a comprehensive list and links here to places where our bits will be available as 3D-printed items and – since I will not stop creating bits – we will also add all new bits to this website. We therefore encourage you to come by from time to time to check what´s new. Be sure to follow us via our social media as well for we will announce all upcoming vendors of 3D printed Conversion World bits and new bits there as well of course.

Best regards,