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1. Shipping:

Conversion World does ship to (nearly) everywhere in the world. We do for example ship to the EU, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. A complete list of Locations to where we ship can be found below.

We do offer these shipping services and packaging’s, prices are per order:

For German customers we offer:

For European customers we offer:

For other customers:

Please be aware that shipping by envelope is only available as long as you do not order to many of our bitz or do not order bitz that are too thick. (We can´t list an exact number of bitz here or list all the bitz that qualify for shipping by envelope, but in general you should be good as long as you do not order more than about 50 bitz or bitz that aren´t thicker than 10mm.) You will see in your shopping cart whenever your order qualifies for shipping by envelope by being offered that option in the shipping selection menu.

As you can see above we do offer various methods of trackable shipping. With Hermes and DHL those tracking services work very well. You will be able to track your order at all times and will get updates regularly. With the German post however, the quality of the tracking service will very much depend on how close the German post and the post service in your country work together. At worst, you will only get a status update once your order has arrived in the country you live in.

If you choose a trackable shipping method, you will get your tracking number together with your invoice.

2. Delivery time:

The delivery time depends on the time we need to process your order and the shipping time. We strive to process and dispatch all orders the same day they are placed, at the latest within 48 hours. After dispatch the delivery time depends on the shipping time, which depends on the shipping destination. In general the shipping time will increase the further afar you live from Germany, where we are located. These are our delivery times, containing the processing time and the shipping time. The decisive date for beginning of the delivery time is the date you make your payment

Please keep in mind that, especially with delivery to a location outside of the European Union, the delivery of your order could be delayed if it should get stuck in your countries custom controls.

3. Free Shipping:

If you order products for a total of or more, your order qualifies for free shipping. We will decide what packaging and shipping services will be used for each order individually, but normally we will ship your order in a small carton with the German post.

If your order qualifies for free shipping, you can of course still add a tracking service to your order. In that case you will only have to pay the cost for the tracking service of course, which will be .

If your order qualifies for free shipping (by the German Post) you might want to consider upgrading to shipping by Hermes Parcel or DHL Parcel. Shipping won´t be free with those services anymore, but the prices for those services will be reduced by the value of the shipping service you would get for free, . The so reduced shipping cost for shipping by Hermes Parcel will be and for shipping by DHL parcel. You will be able to choose those options in the shipping selection menu in your shopping cart.

If you order products for a total of or more and do not choose shipping by Hermes or DHL, we will add a German post tracking service to your order free of charge.

4. Packing:

We do pack orders as carefully as possible and use various means to protect your products from taking damage during transportation. Cartons do offer ideal protection of course, but even with padded envelopes your order will be as safely packed as possible.

If you choose shipping by envelope, here´s what we will do: To start with, we will use a padded envelope. Than we will pack your bitz in small pressure lock bags that do already containe some wooden sticks to prevent them from bending. Afterwards we will fill those bags with some very small and soft foam flakes to pad your bitz. At last we will pack the bags into the envelope and will further pad the envelope with foam flakes again, using bigger and stronger ones this time.

If you chose shipping by carton, we will pack your order as described above except that we will go without the wooden sticks. (Unlike envelopes cartons do not bend wherefor the addition of wooden sticks is unnecessary.)

And what if your order should arrive damaged nontheless? Well, simply inform us and we will most likely send you replacements for the broken parts at our expense immediately. (It will speed up the process if you send us pictures of the broken bitz together with your declaration of damage, because before replacing any broken parts we will most likely ask for such pictures.)

5. Import Duty:

Conversion World is not responsible for any charges you may have to pay in taxes or customs duty. Please contact your local customs office to establish what charges may incur if you order from outside Germany or the EU.

6. Shipping Destinations:

We do ship to these countries and destinations exactly:

If you should find that your country isn´t on that list, feel free to write us to info@conversionworld.de and ask if we can add your country to the list as well. As long as the carriers we use will deliver to your country, we will add it to the list immediately, enabling you to order with us.

*Every term written in italics is a trademark of a company other than Conversion World. Those trademarks are used in this webshop to describe compatibilities only. Conversion World does not challenge those trademarks in any way. All rights are reserved with their respective owners. See the Trademark information for further information.

¹ All prices shown do not include shipping, taxes or customs and import duties. As small entrepreneurs under § 19 Abs. 1 Umsatzsteuergesetz (UstG) we do not charge any value added taxes (VAT). All prices are plus shipping costs.

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