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Why order from Conversion World?

The first and most important reason why you might want to order from us should of course be that you like our products for their design and quality. Apart from that we do offer some more advantages that might not be noticeable at first glance:

1. Individual sales of all products

We do on principle sell all our products not only as part of a set, but also individually. If you should need for example a certain sword 8x, you therefor only have to buy this sword 8x and do not have to buy a set of swords 8x that consist of a few different swords of whom you only need one them.

2. No minimum order value

And if you do for example only need one sword for your miniatures, you can absolutely order only that one sword. You won´t find any minimum order value in our webshop preventing you from doing so.

3. Pay for your order in 5 different currencies

We do accept payment in these 5 currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP and EURO

That means that you do not have to pay any currency exchange fees, as long as the respective bank account that is connected to your PayPal or AmazonPay account is held in one of those 5 currencies. With other companies, that do for example only accept their domestic currency, will find that you will easily be charged an additional 2-3% of your order value for exchange fees.

*Every term written in italics is a trademark of a company other than Conversion World. Those trademarks are used in this webshop to describe compatibilities only. Conversion World does not challenge those trademarks in any way. All rights are reserved with their respective owners. See the Trademark information for further information.

¹ Prices shown do not include customs or import duties. If goods are to be delivered to a customer within the EU or the UK, prices do include VAT as per the country of destination. If goods are to be delivered to a customer outside the EU or the UK prices do not include any VAT. All prices are plus shipping costs.

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Dear customers,

after going live in May 2018, the Conversion World webshop did – as previously announced – cease business on June 6th, 2023. Thank you very much to anybody who ever bought from us while the shop was open, who shared our bits with fellow hobbyists and/or on social media, who showed interest in our bits or interacted with us in any way shape or form.

The Conversion World website will remain live as kind of a storefront where you can browse through or latest products. (All functions to place an order will obviously be disabled/removed however.)

In the not-so-distant future we will also provide a comprehensive list and links here to places where our bits will be available as 3D-printed items and – since I will not stop creating bits – we will also add all new bits to this website. We therefore encourage you to come by from time to time to check what´s new. Be sure to follow us via our social media as well for we will announce all upcoming vendors of 3D printed Conversion World bits and new bits there as well of course.

Best regards,