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The global tabletop community is without any doubt one of the most awesome hobby communities out there and is home to a great many wonderfully talented and passionate people.

At Conversion World we believe you guys therefor deserve nothing less than conversion bits that are just as awesome as the community is and providing those is our stated goal and what we strive for.

Our bits are designed with attention to detail, are casted individually by hand and are compatible with a variety of miniatures.

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Dear customer,

due to important reasons the Conversion World webshop will be closed form 1. to 31. March and you won´t be able to purchase from us during that period. You can look around in our shop, but you won´t be able to add products to the shopping basket.

If you want to know why we had to close the shop temporarily, please read the corresponding article (click button below) where everything is explained.

Apologies to all those who would have wanted to buy from us in March. I hope you will come back on April 1th.

Best regards,