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Conversion World is producing conversion parts for tabletop miniatures also known as bitz. Our bitz are designed to be compatible with the miniatures of most major tabletop games such as Warhammer 40k*, Warmachine* or Infinity* for example. We cast our bitz with great care individually by hand, using only the best quality resin. In this way we guarantee high quality casts free of, or with only minimal mold-lines and only minor need for cleaning.

Remember to check our range of products whenever you plan to convert some of your miniatures.

*Every term written in italics is a trademark of a company other than Conversion World. Those trademarks are used in this webshop to describe compatibilities only. Conversion World does not challenge those trademarks in any way. All rights are reserved with their respective owners. See the Trademark information for further information.

¹ All prices shown do not include shipping, taxes or customs and import duties. As small entrepreneurs under § 19 Abs. 1 Umsatzsteuergesetz (UstG) we do not charge any value added taxes (VAT). All prices are plus shipping costs.

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