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The global tabletop community is without any doubt one of the most awesome hobby communities out there and is home to a great many wonderfully talented and passionate people.

At Conversion World we believe you guys therefor deserve nothing less than conversion bits that are just as awesome as the community is and providing those is our stated goal and what we strive for.

Our bits are designed with attention to detail, are casted individually by hand and are compatible with a variety of miniatures.

*Every term written in italics is a trademark of a company other than Conversion World. Those trademarks are used in this webshop to describe compatibilities only. Conversion World does not challenge those trademarks in any way. All rights are reserved with their respective owners. See the Trademark information for further information.

¹ Prices shown do not include customs or import duties. If goods are to be delivered to a customer within the EU or the UK, prices do include VAT as per the country of destination. If goods are to be delivered to a customer outside the EU or the UK prices do not include any VAT. All prices are plus shipping costs.

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